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I see beauty. I see beauty and texture and color in places that are not normally associated with beauty. As I travel I'm struck by a scene and the camera snaps up, attempting to record the beauty I see. And I record them, because art is simply focused seeing. There is beauty all around us and I am compelled to share that. Beauty is not pretty, pretty is dangerous.

I've recently become fascinated by juxtiposition of sharpness and smoothness at the same time. I've been working with pinhole type techniques, specifically zone sieve photography, as well as exceptionally long exposures that both add blur to the sharpness. Many of my exposures are seconds long, some, minutes long. . My goal is not to re-create the scene, but to rather enhance the scene, bringing out what drew me to the scene initially. My work doesn't end when I press the shutter on the camera, it begins then. My laptop is my darkroom. I experiment with new techniques and return to old favorites, only to cast them aside when they no longer satisfy. "Straight out of Camera" photography is for people who don't understand the question.

My artistic roots are in Provincetown, Massachusetts but I live with my wife Susan in an old mill worker's house in south west New Hampshire surrounded by natural and man-made wonders and a rich artistic tradition. I am represented by the Charles Baltivik Gallery, at 432 Commercial St, Provincetown. My work can also be seen there.

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